Along with many benefitial properties, dry brushing provides your skin a great manual form of exfolition. Fluffing off dead skin cells promotes healthy skin cell turn over, resulting in prevention of ingrown hairs, and smooth the skins texture on your bikini line.  The handle and size of the bikini brush is perfect to get in more intimate areas of the body.  This natural brush made of the Sisal plant is more rough texture, good for the person with normal skin. 

Sisal Bikini Brush

    1. Dull layers of skin are removed, improving your complexion.
    2. Stimulates and increases blood circulation.
    3. Eliminates toxins from the body, improving funtion to your intrenal organs.
    4. Reduces appearance of cellulite.
    5. Leaves your sking looking and feeling younger.
    6. Soothes and massages sore muscles.
    7. Gives your engery a boost.
    8. Leaves your skin glowing.
    9. Assists with distribution of fat deposits.
    10. Overall health will inprove, leaving you feeling great!